Keeping up with technologies and improving business performance by increasing quality, productivity and safety means making use of advanced industrial automation systems and includes the modernisation of pre-existing automatic systems, the technological updating of on-board systems and the automation of manual processes.

Starting from the drafting of the specifications of the instrumentation and process control systems – whether they are PLC, DSC or Scada – Lorenzi Group proposes and manages all the activities necessary for the realisation of industrial process automation projects.

The Lorenzi Group intervention model:

  • Feasibility analysis and process engineering
  • The automation of manual processes aimed at increasing quality, productivity and safety, while optimising the resources used and containing costs
  • Upgrading/modernisation interventions on existing but not recent automatic systems, to improve reliability, productivity and safety
  • Semi-automatic systems in fully-automated configurations
  • Technological updating of on-board systems such as sensors, conversion of indicators from analog to digital, process data recording, etc.

Lorenzi Group has an in-house mechanical workshop where it is possible to create customised assembly components and electrical panels.


Lorenzi Group offers integrated and transversal services that include

  • The energy optimisation of systems
  • Industry 4.0
  • The implementation of automation systems
  • Plant and electrical-instrumental specialist design
  • The optimisation of maintenance processes of industrial systems
  • Advanced in-line diagnostics on safety and regulation valves
  • PSV online verification test
  • Advanced and technological systems
  • Maintenance and assistance 24/7