The topic of energy has assumed strategic importance in every sector in recent years. Energy expenditure for industry as well as for individuals has reached values that require analyses and actions aimed at containing costs and optimising consumption.

Furthermore, actions with a focus on reducing polluting emissions into the atmosphere, produced in a significant percentage by traditional energy production systems, are becoming increasingly necessary.

Taking concrete actions to improve the environment in which we live should be a top priority for everyone.

Precise analysis of the energy levels of the individual Customer and an evaluation of the impact of new systems is the characteristic tool of Lorenzi Group’s designs and constructions.

Every effect is made to achieve complete solutions that ensure a reduction in energy costs and a return on investment with a quick turnaround.

Lorenzi Group manages the construction cycle of these systems in its entirety, dealing with engineering, construction, maintenance, as well as with the necessary administration involved with the relevant control bodies (GSE/UTIF/ENEL/etc.), with specific reference to the issue of incentives and/or energy certificates. All the design and installation energy systems are fitted with equipment for monitoring and displaying of the efficiency of the system (even remotely) and with guaranteed maintenance engineering cycles.

Energy systems

Lorenzi Group in the field of renewable energy oversees:

  • Photovoltaic systems: on-grid/off-grid and stand alone (energy storage)
  • Cogeneration, bio-cogeneration and micro-cogeneration
  • Biomass and management of the process of using agricultural waste
  • Geothermal systems
  • Mini-wind plants

Technological system audits

Using an audit plan, Lorenzi Group detects the fundamental data of the technological systems installed to verify the conformity of the elements that compose a system, but above all to analyse their quality and impact on energy efficiency.
Through research into these elements, the Group’s experts propose any corrective measures, classifying them according to levels of intervention, with a wide range of possibilities: from investment “0” (modification of only the procedures for using the systems), to “significant” investment, focussing, for example, on the construction of systems for the production of energy from renewable sources.

Lorenzi Group deals with:

  • Field analysis of absorption and configuration of utilities (electrical and mechanical)
  • Energy verification of consumption trends
  • Identification, study and definition of concrete improvement projects in consumption and/or in the installation of systems for the production of energy from renewable sources
  • Estimation of project costs, optimisation of operating and construction times, with the aim of maximising investment revenues
  • Financial analysis of the proposed interventions with annual calculations relating to: ROC, Payback, NPV, Cashflow
  • Supporting documentation and professional reporting
  • Possibility of financing the works and performance insurance
  • Systems monitoring