Lorenzi Group is a leader in the field of systems design and we deeply believe in the importance of teaching and educating youngsters  in the sector we master.

Our Academy is the pride of our company and we are in regular talks with technical schools in the Bergamo area so that we have the chance of taking on talented students after they get their school certificate. I.T.I. G. Marconi is a valuable example of a partner: they firmly believe in the education and formation of their students outside the ordinary school context.

Lorenzi Group’s CEO Diego Lorenzi highlights the philosphy of the company: “Our Academy supports the individuals within school with the aim of making them familiar with a totally different reality such as the one outisde school”.

Our thoughts found a fertile ground in the person of the G.Marconi’s headmaster Maurizio Adamo Chiappa, who runs a school offering a wide variety of educational patterns, such as MECHANICS, ELECTRONICS, ENERGY, COMPUTER SCIENCE, COMMUNICATION, CHEMISTRY and BIOTECHNOLOGY: “The possibility of taking part to an internship is essential to gather experience and know-how directly on the field, that’s why we are happy to collaborate with Lorenzi Group. On their side, they can also take advantage from a prior meeting with the students, thus using a variety of styles and strategies to teach them the job, focusing on their strengths as well as addressing weaker aspects in their attitude and approach to work”