Thermohydraulic Systems

Lorenzi Group assists you across the thermohydraulic sector in the different stages of design, installation, maintenance and management in the domestic and industrial realm.

You can trust us as your sole interlocutor in the making of your thermohydraulic system and its maintenance along the processes of sliding and supply of water as well as gas circulation, air-conditioning, heating and dumping.

Industrial Thermohydraulic Systems

We optimize the production of our therohydraulic systems destined for companies, public institutions and firms. Specifically we provide the following:

  • Heating systems;

  • Air conditioning systems (Ced rooms included);

  • Dehumidifying systems;

  • Dosing systems;

  • Overpressure systems;

  • White, black and rain water systems;

  • Controlled mechanical ventilation systems;

  • Fire protection systems;

  • Compressed air systems

Thermohydraulic systems in Bergamo and Lombardy

We aim at reducing costs and boosting our performances in the realm of thermohydraulics. Our systems are presently being used by a large number of customers through a tailor made approach.

Lorenzi Group staff is highly trained to respond well and fast to your requests, thus ensuring a wide array of services among which the design of your system, the assisted choice of the best materials, the onfield tests and the certification of compliance with the guidelines for energy and the environment.

Are you seeking a state of the art thermohydraulic system?

You can ask a quote for our unmatched  service in the thermohydraulic field in a few seconds.

Our professional advice includes:
  • Support to find the best system for you;
  • Solutions for future developments and upgrades;
  • Pros and cons analysis;
  • Feasibility study

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