Industrial Automation Systems

Industrial automation systems can be defined as avanced systems enabling us to boost the performances of any company as far as quality, productivity and safety are concerned.
Lorenzi Group specializes in revamping existing systems, such as on-board installations and the automatization of manual processes.

Installations and industrial automation systems

Lorenzi Group offers and manages all the activites connected with the automotive industry, including the definition of the equipment specifications and the creation of control systems, PLC systems, DSC or SCADA systems.

Lorenzi Group provides the following integrated services

  • The energy optimisation of systems
  • Industry 4.0
  • The implementation of automation systems
  • Plant and electrical-instrumental specialist design
  • The optimisation of maintenance processes of industrial systems
  • Advanced in-line diagnostics on safety and regulation valves
  • PSV online verification test
  • Advanced and technological systems
  • Maintenance and assistance 24/7

Your automation process is guaranteed over time

Lorenzi Group intervenes over the course of the process following a tailor-made approach to reach heights in terms of productivity and quality.

Our team provides you with professionalism and experience 24/7. Any solution for your requirements will be found with the aim of reducing considerably the period of your system standstill.

Industrial automation in Bergamo and all over Italy

Our systems are specifically designed for companies of any size  operating in a wide range of sectors with an eye on efficiency and productivity boosting. That’s why every solution is thought to be effective and long-lasting.

Are you seeking an industrial automation system?

You can ask a quote for our unmatched  service in the industrial automation field a few seconds.

Our professional advice includes:

  • Support to find the best system for you;
  • Solutions for future developments and upgrades;
  • Pros and cons analysis;
  • Feasibility study

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