Civil Electrical Systems

Designing Civil Electrical Installations

Lorenzi Group makes full civil, residential and commercial electrical systems, using only high quality components and providing dedicated installation service.

Thank to twenty years of experience in the making and installation of electrical systems, civil and special, Lorenzi Group can provide ordinary and special maintenance service as well as upgrades to the systems through a full 24/7 service.

The main advantage for the custmer is the chance of working with a single group, who is specialized in each and every phase of production:


  • Design
  • Realization
  • Installation and Integration
  • Maintenance

Every project relies on the quality of the materials used in all the systems and a highly specialized labor, as well as on tailor made solutions.
It is fundamental to underline that the maintenance service guarantees the full performance of the systems over time.

If you are seeking experts to set up your electrical system, you can ask for a quote in a few seconds.


Home automation and building automation are meant for improving our lifestyle and saving energy. Home automation provides remote controlling and management of Iot house, working environments, public and commercial areas devices.
Lorenzi Group boasts a building automation service which improves the quality of a building as a whole, thanks to the integration of electrical, technological and digital systems without leaving behind safety, comfort and sustainability.


Modern TV and satellite systems are thought to be built with competence and knowhow, skills that each of our employees possesses.
Lorenzi Group covers the full range of systems, from single-user systems to the multi-user ones we normally see in schools, hotel and hospitals. In order to do so, our Group is trained to work high altitude  and guarantees perfect coverage  and signal.


A safety system is key to protect us and our belongings in any kind of environment. Lorenzi Group places the most modern safety systems among which intrusion detection systems, smoke detection systems, EVAC systems, CCTV and access control systems.


Lorenzi Group works with the design and installation of small and large systems with full support in Bergamo and its sourroundings.

The history of the Group in the field of civil industrial electrical systems started in 1997, so that we are now capable of implementing high quality systems to fulfill any requests.

Are you looking for a civil electrical system?

Lorenzi Group is the reference point for such systems in Lombardy and in the whole of Italy. If you are in need for experts in the building up of your electrical system you can ask for a free quote in just a few seconds

Our professional advice includes:

  • Support to find the best system for you;
  • Solutions for future developments and upgrades;
  • Pros and cons analysis;
  • Feasibility study 

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